Holding Your Nose? It May Be a Sign You Need Septic Repair

There’s a saying: the nose knows—and in the case of issues with septic systems, it’s true.

Often to spot problems with your septic system, you don’t have to look much further than your own nose, eyes, or ears.

Signs of Septic Issues

There are several signs that may point to needing your septic system repaired.

First of all, if you smell sewage anywhere in your home or yard, there is likely a problem.

Another sign that you may need septic repair is grass in the yard that is noticeably greener and lusher. Lush vegetation may seem like a good thing, but in this instance, it’s a sign of excess moisture being leached out into your drainfield from your septic system. You may also see standing water or patches where the ground is always wet. This water is often smelly and could be hazardous to your health.

Gurgling pipes is yet another sign of a septic system in distress. You may hear this sound when flushing the toilet or running water in any of the sinks in your home. You may also notice your toilet slows down when it comes to draining away the waste water.

What Causes These Issues?

There may be several causes for these septic issues; however, a septic system that is full or close to being full can be the culprit. Another likely cause may be a leak in the septic tank or other deteriorations in the pipes.

How to Remedy These Issues

The best way to remedy these issues is by calling in professionals. If your septic system is full, the only way it will start working again is to have it pumped correctly. If there’s a breakdown in your system somewhere, a professional is needed to fix it. Additionally, a septic professional may also give you guidance on what you may be doing wrong regarding your septic system use.

Paradise Septic

Don’t choose to ignore smaller signs that something is wrong with your septic system until it’s too late.

Paradise Septic is the trusted professional in the valley when it comes to maintaining your septic system and preventing small problems from becoming big issues. No matter how big or small, contact us today with any questions or concerns about your septic system.

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