When it comes to drilling it really is all about the level of equipment that is used.  Some drilling equipment, currently in circulation, can perform the drill that you need over the course of a couple of days.  Because of our top-of-the-line equipment, we can perform the same job in about 3 hours.  Older equipment also requires 2 or 3 individuals to operate the machinery.  Ours runs on all hydraulics and only requires one person to properly and efficiently operate, cutting down on costs and increasing flexibility.

Many projects don’t have the time to wait a couple of days while a hole gets drilled.  Paradise Septic Drilling can relieve this timing pain point for our clients so that your project can remain on schedule.  Newer equipment is more time efficient.  It allows us to get in and get the job done.  Older equipment tends to have breakdowns frequently, putting jobs behind schedule.  Our equipment is well maintained and taken care of in order to prevent costly and unacceptable breakdowns.

Paradise Septic Drilling is currently running a LHS-70 Spiral drill with interlocking Kelly’s and an 8000 lbs crowd.  The drill is state-of –the-art and made for commercial production.  This tool also allows us to provide a wide variety of services; we can drill from 18 inches to 6 feet in diameter and go down to a 70 foot depth.

Paradise Septic Drilling offers our skills and services statewide as well as out-of-state.  We can also provide backhoe and dump truck services in order to oversee a jobsite from start to finish.  We are family owned and operated, we care about maintaining relationships with our clients, and keeping our clients informed and educated is paramount to our corporate culture.