Septic Tank Pumping

A septic tank is often out of sight and out of mind…until it fails.Unless homeowners routinely service, maintain, and pump their septic system, a major septic issue is bound to arise—something that costs a whole lot of money, time, and stress.

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Why Do You Need Routine Septic Pumping Service?

Well, for same reason you need your car serviced—except there is no red light to remind you.

Just like your car requires regular inspections and maintenance to lengthen its lifespan and maintain premium utility, your septic tank needs to be pumped to protect your drainfield so it will last for more than just a few years.

Find out the seven signs that you have a drainfield problem.

Breaking it Down: How Septic Systems Work

See, a septic system has two main parts: the tank and the drainfield—also called the leach area. The tank holds several hundred-gallonsof wastewater from the home’s sinks, showers, washing machines, and toilets. Over time, the solids within the tank sink to the bottom, while greases and lighter solids rise to the top.

Wastewater from the middle layer is pushed out through several perforated pipes, into the drainfield. The gravel and soil help break down any small solids that made it through the pipes.

The soil then acts as a filter for bacteria, viruses, and chemicals in the wastewater, which is why it’s important to properly maintain your septic system; otherwise, these hazards can make their way into the groundwater and contaminate it.

Naturally occurring bacteria inside the tank also work to break down solids, but can’t break everything down completely; so, the tank needs to be periodically pumped. How often depends on several factors, like tank size and usage. Learn more about how septic systems work here.

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Signs Your Septic Tank Needs to be Pumped

There are many signs and symptoms to be aware of in the event your septic tank is overdue for a pump. Catching these signs early can prevent more expensive and time-consuming issues from arising.

Learn all the signs that your septic tank needs to be pumped here.

Suggested Care and Maintenance Tips for Your Septic Tank in Phoenix

The biggest misconception by homeowners is that septic tanks never need to be pumped.In reality, your septic system needs to be serviced and maintained to perform at its best so you don’t run into (expensive) problems down the road.

There are some small, everyday precautions you can take, from your laundry habits to your dish soap  selection. Additionally, there are some general rules and indicators for when you should get your tank pumped.

  • Household Size:

For a family of two: Pump your tank every three years

For a family of three: Pump your tank every two years

For a family of four or more: Pump you tank every year.

Your system should never go more than three years without service. The cleaner your system, the longer it will perform.

  • Systems Installed After 2004:

If your septic system was installed after 2004, you have a filter in the rear baffle and require service annually or at the time of servicing your septic.

If you have a garbage disposal or a water treatment system, your septic tank must be pumped every year.

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Septic Pumping: Why Paradise Septic

Experience, stellar service, and dedication. Paradise Septic Service has proudly served the Phoenix Valley and surrounding areas since 1958. For all these years, we provided efficient and cost-effective septic pumping services for our residential and commercial neighbors.

When you contact us, you’ll be quickly greeted by one of our customer service staff, and an experienced service technician will work directly with you to make sure your septic tank is pumped on time and within budget.

In fact, we even offer an automated septic pumping scheduling service. Instead of trying to remember when you’re due for a pump, Paradise Septic will manage your schedule for you, and send you a post card or email when your service is due.

But perhaps most importantly: At Paradise Septic Service, you’ll be working with a company that really cares—a company that offers the personalized attention and understanding of a family owned business.

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