Retention & Absorbing

Storm water retention systems are one of the best answers to runoff issues and a way to create safe and successful holding areas for rain water.  Paradise Septic Drilling has been installing retention and absorption systems for over 18 years.

How it works

Water stream flowing out the underground tunnel into the Lybid river in Kyiv.

Water retention systems contain water under ground with an outlet that allows for gradual and natural absorption back into the soil.  Storm water retention systems are especially important in the great state of Arizona due to our sporadic rainfalls and intense, quickly changing weather.  Arizona has long and very hot summers.  Our soil gets very dry and hard.  Then when the monsoon season hits, the desert gets pelted with a large amount of rain, in a short amount of time.  The soil is so hard, its absorption ability has significantly decreased.  Instead of getting absorbed, the rain water just runs off, creating dangerous flash floods and water damage. Water retention systems are important because they help to direct and control storm water.

Paradise Septic Drilling has been working in the Valley for over 18 years.  We know Arizona, the soil, the weather and the regional issues that need to be addressed.  Family owned and operated, Paradise Septic Drilling uses our water retention skills to:

  • Increase usable land (making more options available for our clients)
  • Increase safety and minimize water hazards and issues
  • Increase the efficiency of ground water table recharge
  • Reduce runoff from paved surfaces during peak seasons

Drilling and water retention is a science and requires a professional.  Paradise Septic Drilling double checks with all officials and local authorities in order to make sure that we are all on the same page with current regulations.  We also tailor our services and study your particular needs in order to ensure that the results are exactly what everyone wanted and expected.