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“If you need someone with prompt, courteous

service this is a great business.”  

                                                                  – Kevin H.

Proper drilling takes a professional.  Whether you are installing a new septic tank in your Arizona home or replacing an old one, when you’re working with Paradise Septic Drilling you will not have to worry. It is obvious that our technicians know what they are doing, right from the start, and that your installation is in capable hands.

We have been around since 1958; when we are on a job, there are no surprises, because we know how to prepare and how to install.  The procedure of installing or administrating a repair to a septic tank is something that must last for a long time.  It needs to be done right the first time.

Our drilling process starts out with a detailed and entire inspection of your property so that we know exactly what your particular job needs and so we can tailor our process for optimal results. Our equipment is state of the art, the best in the industry, and our operators are not only highly trained, but comfortable with performing and controlling your drill.

A successful drill requires coordination.  We will meet and communicate with your contractor or architect to make sure that everything is up to code and moves along properly. Our company lives in your neighborhood.  We have region-specific knowledge when it comes to installing your Arizona septic tank and we are committed to the community.  Arizona has very specific and unique soil to take into consideration when a drill is planned.  Whether it is bad soil, sandy clay or rocky soil or any type of geology or hydrologic conditions, we know how to combat it safely and efficiently.

Paradise Septic Drilling wants to make sure that our clients are educated and informed.  We are a family owned business and we understand the importance of treating every drill as if it was for our family.  We have been serving the Phoenix Valley and Arizona for over 50 years; we are always here to offer smart and cost-effective solutions to meet and exceed all of your residential or commercial septic system needs.

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