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Let’s be honest.

No one wants to spend their hard-earned money on a septic system repair. So, the key to avoiding septic system repairs? Regular septic maintenance.

You see, well maintained septic systems function longer and more efficiently; but when more severe issues do arise, it’s important to determine whether a repair or replacement is necessary by calling the septic professionals.

When You Need Septic Repair

First, make sure you are not overdue for a septic pump. Neglecting this regular maintenance leads to serious (and costly) issues in the future. Here are seven signs you need to pump your septic tank; find out if you’re past due.

Second, if you notice strange signs like unusual odors in and around your home, this may indicate high solid levels or low bacteria levels due to neglectful maintenance on the system. Read through “Holding Your Nose? It May Be a Sign You Need Septic Repair” to learn more about these unpleasant symptoms that you require septic repair.

Finally, there is a lot of misinformation floating around regarding septic systems. We gathered up the most common myths and busted them all so you could get the truth; learn more in this blog, “Septic System Repair Myths.”

Don’t Forget the Drainfield

When the leach area fails, the only option is a replacement. So, make sure to pay attention for any problematic signs, including stinky, odorous bubbles begin to surface in the leach area—usually due to a lack of system pumping.

Early signs can come in the form of standing water in the lines or on the surface, indicating a failing leach area or a problem with the piping. Similarly, backed up sewage is a red flag to check your septic system’s water level. If it is high, there may be an issue with the septic tank or the leach area, which is best determined after pumping.

Read through the “7 Signs You Have a Serious Drainfield Problem” to learn more about these red flags.

Avoid Septic Replacement

Septic system replacements can be costly. So, how can it be avoided?

Read “Why Septic Systems Fail: What to Do and Not Do” to find out the best preventative measures to avoid septic replacement altogether.

When it comes to septic systems, damages only grow worse with time, which could harm the environment, your health, your property, and could cost a large sum of money. Be proactive in calling Paradise Septic to repair your septic system as soon as an issue arises to avoid any further damages.

Looking for More Prevention Tips?

Here are some helpful—and interesting—blogs to keep your septic system healthy and avoid those preventable septic replacements and repairs:

Septic Tank Replacement and Repairs: Why Paradise Septic

Should your system need repair or replacement, Paradise Septic will quickly and efficiently respond to your issues—whether making a small improvement, or providing you with a quality septic tank or leach area replacement, as well as ways to manage your system to prevent future damage and failures.

Paradise Septic Service has proudly served the Phoenix Valley and surrounding areas since 1958. For all these years, we provided efficient and cost-effective septic pumping services for our residential and commercial neighbors.

When you contact us, you’ll be greeted by one of our customer service staff, and an experienced service technician will work directly with you. And perhaps most importantly, at Paradise Septic, you’ll be working with a company that really cares—a company that offers the personalized attention and understanding of a family owned business.

Remember, every septic tank system functions differently, depending on how it is installed and what waste it is required to decompose. So, before deciding to repair or replace your septic system, give the professionals at Paradise Septic a call.

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